About the DISLABELED Film Series

Inspired by the great disTHIS! Film Series, the DISLABELED Film Series is a project that focuses on raising awareness, introducing the public to disability culture, and fostering a community space for all who are interested in the culture. We do this by showcasing festival-quality films that offer ground-breaking interpretations of the disability experience.

Post-screening discussions follow every film, providing an opportunity to share various viewpoints and experiences surrounding the film. We aim to build alliances between different communities and audiences while engaging in meaningful discussions of the disability experience.

The DISLABELED Film Series is brought to you by DISLABELEDtv, a media organization that produces and promotes media by and for youth with disabilities, to directly influence how disability is portrayed in the media. We are affiliated with the Public Science Project (PSP) of the City University of New York.

To create an accessible experience for all, we are committed to providing ASL interpretation and audio description for each screening, and continue to raise funds and explore community resources to make this possible.  Your help and support is invaluable to this project!  You can donate to and share our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to provide ASL interpreting at our screenings: DISLABELED Film Series – ASL Interpretation


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